Phoenix, Arizona Interior Design & Architectural Photography 

Professional photography services for interior design firms, architects, custom home builders, restaurants, artisans & more.

Interior design & architectural photography is a more specialized type of photography and requires a different approach than that of real estate photography. Details are king, and special attention needs to be put on lighting, staging, composition, and post-production to effectively show off the space. This service is designed for interior designers, artisans, and anyone else in a skilled trade that needs detailed, quality photos of their work in Phoenix, Arizona and beyond. Filling your portfolio with stunning images that show off your skills needs to be an essential part of your marketing strategy. 

Custom Photography Packages

Many designers and artisans may not be using a professional to photograph their projects because of the high cost associated with hiring a pro. My goal is to provide a high quality service at an affordable price. I've worked hard to create a pricing structure that is affordable and meets the needs of most clients. I believe you should only pay for the images you want, so I don't use a half-day/day rate structure nor do I charge hourly. I charge per photo, and custom packages can be created to meet your specific needs. I also include post production in the price, so you aren't blindsided by additional charges on the back end. 

Post Processing & Technique

My photography technique is unique in that it allows me the creative freedom to light spaces in an interesting and dynamic way. I combine off camera/natural lighting with post production/retouching techniques to create a final image that accentuates the natural feel and mood of the space. I work hard to show off the depth, texture, and thoughtfulness of your designs and work so you can have quality images that greatly contribute to your marketing efforts. Digital processing and post production includes lighting and color adjustments, removing distracting elements like electrical cords and light switches, straightening vertical lines, creating image composites, RAW file conversion and more.


- Digital delivery of images via Pixieset
- Online payments via Wave
- Simple image licensing when required
- Digital processing, editing, and revisions included in price
- Personal client proofing area with instant access to photos
- Competitive, simple 'per-photo' pricing structure