Recent Work: December/January

Welcome back - I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season!

After a long past few months, I’m finally able to crank out a blog posted share some exciting projects I have been working on since November! 

Realtor Portrait Sessions

Early December I had a fun portrait shoot with a few local realtors who needed some headshots for their business cards & marketing materials. This shoot was particularly notable because we rented out Blok Photo Studio for a few hours and shot some really great stuff! 

I used white and grey backdrops to not only isolate the subject, but to provide them with a classy, professional set of images they can use for years to come. 

Zcolo Data Center Portrait

Another portrait session I shot in December was commissioned by Zcolo Data Centers. They needed a shot of the Phoenix data center manager for their quarterly internal magazine. This shoot was a simple 3-light setup right in the lobby of the data center. I used a key light off to camera right with a rectangular soft box attached, along with a kicker off to his left, and another speed light  illuminating the background. 

I love quick and easy shoots like this that produce great results in minimal time!

Luxury Realtor Justin Shea

Justin sells some very luxurious properties in the Valley and I’m always excited to get a call from him to shoot his newest listing! Here’s a few highlights from one of the shoots we did together over the past few months: 

Crib Culture, LLC

I was contacted by this company to photograph their lineup of infant bed sheets, changing pad covers, pack n’ play sheets, and sleep suits for their website and Amazon listings. This is an ongoing project, as I’m still working on finalizing some images for them, but I’m excited to share a few samples of what I’ve already delivered! 

If you’re in the need for some funky, well-made children’s bedding/sheets and unique sleep suits, I highly recommend Crib Culture! I’ve been handling their products for weeks, and I can tell you they deliver quality stuff! 

ZM Development

Zeek Minic, local home builder and realtor, was referred to me by a client to photograph a new home he built in Phoenix. He needed some images for his portfolio, and we scheduled a half-day to photograph the highlights. I love what we captured, and here’s a few images from the shoot:  

Nexus 21

I have photographed some products for Nexus 21 before, and they commissioned me again to shoot their newest model of TV lift. We shot on location inside a customer’s home, and let me tell you, these lifts are amazing! Check out their site when you’re in the market for an upgrade. 

Artifacts Interiors

 A previous client of mine, who started her own design firm (Artifacts Interiors), needed some images of the recently designed office of Aquimo Sports, as well as headshot for her website. We spent a few hours together capturing the space and knocking out that headshot! I love the colors on this one! 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out some of my recent work! 

I am so thrilled to share what I have scheduled for February, so keep your eyes peeled for my next e-mail, or just come back and check the blog when you have a spare minute. 

Thanks, chat with you soon! 

Now Offering Headshots

Good Afternoon!

I’m writing this quick post to let everyone know I’m now offering professional headshots as a service. I have clients occasionally ask me if I do shoot headshots, so I’ve been perfecting my skills lately and building a headshot portfolio to share with you! 

If you need a new headshot for yourself or your team, I have competitively priced packages available for most situations and group sizes. Your session can take place on location, in your office, in a natural setting, or in a studio for group sessions (Blok Photo Studio).

I offer 2 packages: Essentials and Group. Head on over to my service page to find out a bit more about what each session includes:

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon! 

Recent Work: November

At the end of each month, I’d like to start posting some featured images from select projects I’ve shot that month. With the Holidays right around the corner, Thanksgiving just last week, and a new baby due any day, this month has been very busy one for me.

I am excited to share some images from my favorite projects this month so without further adieu, let’s dig right in! 

Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors

At the very end of October and leading into November, I spent half a day with the talented designers Chelsea and Pamela from Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors at a private residence in The Boulders Golf Club community in Carefree. They are some of my favorite & fun clients to work with, and always have great stuff for me to shoot!  I also polished my portrait skills and photographed Judy and Tanya for their website,

Flying Scarfs

I will frequently bid on jobs on because some very interesting and fun shoots have come my way through their platform. I was connected with Joe Stenger, CEO and Co-Founder of Flying Scarfs through Thumbtack earlier this month and was happy to do some product photography for them - They needed some updated photographs of their newest seasonal products, which you can find on their website here at

Skidd Studio

I have been shooting a lot of artwork for local artists Peter and Sarah Skidd recently and have been really loving the work both of them are doing. The past few weeks they have been hosting a pop-up shop in their home featuring locally crafted products and furniture staged by Anthony W Design. I was able to stop by and photograph some of their work along with some candid shots of customers during their pop-up shop.

Peter and Sarah specialize in canvas and metal artwork and sell to designers, homeowners, art agencies and others. If you’re interested in sourcing some amazing and unique local artwork, check out, and

Sarah Sanders Design Studio

Sarah contacted me recently to get some of her work photographed for her new website. I was happy to spend 3 days with her this month photographing at 3 different locations. She is a very talented designer and makes my job that much easier! Check out some of the images we were able to create during 2 of our 3 shoot days together (I’m still editing from our 3rd day) and don’t forget to stop by her website soon. 

Warrior Flask

One of my favorite projects this month was the Warrior Flask project. Warrior Flask contacted me about creating some product/portrait images for their website to showcase their products and give their site a cohesive “feel.” After some discussions about ideas and details, they commissioned me for the job. 

They needed images for each section or category of product, as well as some portraits showcasing their products in a desert scene. I was particularly excited about this project because I am a combat veteran and I am always happy to work with companies who hire and support veterans.   

Take a look through their website to see some of the shots I made for them and to order a Warrior Flask of your own! Don’t forget, for every Warrior Flask they sell, they also donate one to the Military! 

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