Interior Design & Architectural Photography- Phoenix, Arizona 

Professional photography services for interior design firms, architects, custom home builders, restaurants, artisans & more.

Lattie F. Coor Hall, ASU, Tempe Campus

Lattie F. Coor Hall, ASU, Tempe Campus

Interior design & architectural photography is a very specific style of photography that requires technical skill and the proper equipment. 

This specialized type of photography caters to interior designers, artisans, builders, architects, restauraunt owners, and anyone else that needs high quality imagery for their portfolio, advertising purposes, or competition entries.

Post Processing & Technique

I have many tools in my bag when it comes to lighting spaces creatively. The goal is to accentuate and embellish existing light, then add touches of supplemental light in key areas to highlight detail and bring out contrast.   

I combine off camera/natural lighting with advanced post production/retouching techniques to create a final image that accentuates the natural feel and mood of the space.

My style highlights the depth and texture of your work so you can attract new clients, win awards, and fill your portfolio with quality imagery.

I use professional Full-Frame Nikon cameras and lenses, a vast array of lighting equipment from hand-held speed lights to 1000 watt-second monolights, and a variety of lighting modifiers that allow me to shape and control light.

My post production workflow includes lighting and color adjustments, removing distracting elements like electrical cords and light switches, straightening vertical/horizontal lines, creating image composites, RAW file conversion and more.


Wolf/Sub-Zero Kitchen Competition Submission

Wolf/Sub-Zero Kitchen Competition Submission